Phenytoin administered for seizures may been studied to a limited extent in newborns cozaar 50mg generic, and re- reduce the effectiveness of meperidine by increasing ports indicate that it can be used safely.

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Kidney problemslittle or no urinationpainful or difficult urinationswelling in your feet or anklesfeeling tired or short of breath.

A very serious allergic reaction to this drug is rareHoweverget medical help right away if you notice any symptoms of a serious allergic reactionincludingrashitching/swellingespecially of the face/tongue/throatsevere dizzinesstrouble breathing.

You may also need to avoid taking Cozaar with aliskiren if you have kidney disease.

Losartan is used to treat high blood pressurehypertensionand to help protect the kidneys from damage due to diabetesIt is also used to lower the risk of strokes in patients with high blood pressure and an enlarged heartLowering high blood pressure helps prevent strokesheart attacksand kidney problemsLosartan belongs to a class of drugs called angiotensin receptor blockersARBsIt works by relaxing blood vessels so that blood can flow more easily.

Other antihypertensive agents may increase the hypotensive action of losartanConcomitant use with other substances which may induce hypotension as an adverse reactionlike tricyclic antidepressantsantipsychoticsbaclofen and amifostinemay increase the risk of hypotension.

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